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Deanna K Avatar
Deanna K
27 Jun 2022 - Google

We had the pleasure of dealing with Angel for selling and buying recently. I would recommend her to anyone - she was always very helpful and explained everything thoroughly. Thank you Angel for all your efforts :)

Vassilios Christopoulos Avatar
Vassilios Christopoulos
24 Jun 2022 - Google

Very Professional Organization and our family has used Lead Conveyancing several times. Trinh Thai is the Legal Director that we have dealt with and she is one of the nicest, and most professional persons that we have ever had experience... read more

Benny Avatar
24 Jun 2022 - Google

Sherry Chen was very efficient and completed my settlement in the short time that was allowed for. I would highly recommend.

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Driving Direction To Campbelltown 2560

Campbelltown (statistics and facts)

Campbelltown is a small town located somewhere on the western outskirts of Sydney, in New South Wales, Australia. The town is about 53 kilometers away from the Central business district of Sydney and serves as the local government headquarters of Campbelltown City. This part is also one of the 4 recognized cities in the metropolitan section of Sydney.

Just like many other towns and cities in Australia, Campbelltown has a strong connection with Europe. It got its name from the wife of New South Wales’s former Governor, Mrs. Elizabeth Lachlan Campbell. At some point, it was called Campbell-Town, but after some time, it was simply called Campbelltown. This part of Sydney was formerly occupied by Tharawal tribespeople before the coming of the first settlers from Europe. The first fleet arrived in 1788, but that was no the fascinating tale of Campbelltown. After the first settlers arrived, about 6 cattle escaped from their herd and were never seen again until the Tharawal people spotted them in the wild and drew images of them in a rocky site called the Bull Cave. Then in 1795, British settlers found a herd of 60 cattle grazing in an area close to Campbelltown called Camden that many have acknowledged to be offspring of the 6 breakaway cattle.

Today, Campbelltown, with a population of more than 157,000 people, has developed into an advanced city with paved roads and modern facilities. The localities close to the area include

  • Woodbine
  • Leumeah
  • Blair Athol
  • Glen Alpine
  • Bradbury
  • Ambarvale
  • Ruse

Property and Realestate Market of Campbelltown

The real estate market of Campbelltown is quite a lucrative area to invest in, judging by the record capital gains enjoyed by property owners in the region. Over the last 12 months, based on market data, Campbelltown properties experienced a rising capital gain of about 12.28%. However, the gains were below the record posted by local markets of surrounding localities.

The gains for previous years showed a higher capital gain, so many experts attribute the lower gain to the effects of the global pandemic. However, for what it’s worth, the local property market is doing very well and represents good value for money. For example, the median price for a house is about $640,000, while that of a unit is above $460,000. Rental property owners are not doing badly either, as they earn an average rental income of about $410. 

In New South Wales, Campbelltown occupies 690th spot for median property value. Similarly, the price of construction of properties and related fees have increased slightly in light of the increase in property value. So far, so good, the town

  • Occupies 557th spot in the best yielding neighborhoods of New South Wales
  • Median property quarterly growth is 4.07%
  • Median property growth for units is 4.49%

Activities & Things to do in Campbelltown

Campbelltown Activities

Campbelltown is a pleasant community to live in. If you secure a job in the area, all the better. Also, if you are one of those who prefer to hang out a lot, then you are in luck because there is so much to do here. Here are some exciting spots to visit.

Sapporo Sushi Bar

Sapporo Sushi Bar is a favorite spot for many who like to enjoy fresh and spicy sushi at any time of the day. This Japanese eatery is quite popular in the area, and they serve different menus besides sushi. A bite at Sapporo will surely impress your taste buds.

Dumaresq Cinemas

Another exciting place to visit is Dumaresq Cinemas in central Campbelltown. Not every small cotton New South Wales can boast of having an entertainment center, but Campbelltown does. You can catch all the latest movies in front of big screens at Dumaresq. And of course, the center also has other side attractions like food courts, bars, and other delights.

Coco Cubano

If you are looking for a good spot to grab not just a quick bite but tasty Cuban food, we implore you to visit Coco Cubano. This restaurant served Cuban and many other Central and Latin American dishes you will love. Their bacon and eggs are one of the best in the area. They also serve lovely wines, cocktails, and coffee.


Thaiburn Ingleburn is another spot where you can enjoy tasty food at an affordable price. This spot is great for family and friends to unwind because of the serene environment.

Besides these spots, there are several otherwise attractions and landmarks like

  • Pho 76 Vietnamese and Chinese restaurant
  • Georges River Nature Reserve
  • Dredge Cottage
  • Campbelltown Sports Stadium
  • Mad Mex Square
  • Flowerdrum Palace

Property Investing Information in Campbelltown

Campbelltown is one of the choicest locations to invest in real estate because of the number of people interested in moving to the area.  About 30.43% of the residents who permanently reside in the city live in rented apartments. Furthermore, properties listed in the region for sale command a median price of $695,000. With a 3.21% annual yield, properties listed on sale in the city don’t stay long in the market but are scooped up by willing buyers 

If you are looking to invest in rented properties, the opportunities to earn a steady rental income are quite high because of the demand for rented houses and units.  The lowest rent a unit commands is at least $360 weekly, while houses command a higher rent.

You need Conveyancing

If you are looking to invest in Real Estate in Campbelltown, one service you will most likely need is a conveyancing service. Just in case you do not know what this service is all about, a Conveyancing service involves the professional expertise of an agent who soda in the transfer of property ownership from an old owner to the new owner.

The documentation process is quite a complex one, and many people do not know how to go about it. Therefore, if you want the document transfer to be spotless and without hassle, ensure that you enlist the help of an expert to help you handle the process from start to finish.

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Campbelltown, NSW

About Campbelltown, NSW

Campbelltown is a town located on the outskirts of the metropolitan area of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It is located in Greater Western Sydney 53 kilometres (33 mi) south-west of the Sydney central business district by road. Campbelltown is the administrative seat of the local government area of the City of Campbelltown. It is also acknowledged on the register of the Geographical Names Board of New South Wales as one of only four cities within the Sydney metropolitan area.Campbelltown gets its name from Elizabeth Campbell, the wife of former Governor of New South Wales Lachlan Macquarie. Originally called Campbell-Town, the name was later simplified to the current Campbelltown. == History == The area that later became Campbelltown was inhabited prior to European settlement by the Tharawal people. Not long after the arrival of the First Fleet in Sydney in 1788, a small herd of six cattle escaped and weren't seen again by the British settlers for seven years. They were spotted, however, by the Tharawal people. In a rock art site called Bull Cave near Campbelltown, they drew a number of cattle with pronounced horns. The Tharawal described the cattle to British explorers and in 1795 the British found a herd of around 60 cattle grazing in the area now known as Camden.The colonial administration was keen for the herd to establish itself so forbade killing of the cattle or settlement in the area.

Campbelltown, NSW

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I worked with Angel from Lead Conveyancing and she's delivered beyond what was expected. Her customer service and support throughout the settlement process was excellent despite juggling with the settlement of my 2 investment properties at the same time. Thank you and keep it up - Jess

Sharon Steer

Great service. Very Helpful.