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Need a conveyancing service done right the first time in Frankston? Get a no hassle, on time settlement with your emails & calls promptly returned. LEAD Conveyancing is the only property law firm with a guaranteed fast response time.
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Communication & responses within 48 business hours, guaranteed*
or we’ll deduct $100 from your professional fee (no questions asked).
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Care from a Victorian Legal Services Board + Commissioner registered practice. You get a Lawyer from A to Z (Trinh Thai). Not a legal clerk.
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Extra care & hand-holding for First Time Frankston Buyers and Sellers. Legal advice and support throughout the process. Not just paper pushing.
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Martina Jelocnik Avatar
Martina Jelocnik
19 Jun 2022 - Google

It was such pleasure and ease to work with Angel and the team. Angel was very helpful, highly skilled, knowledgeable and professional during the process. Highly recommended.

Daniel Poke Avatar
Daniel Poke
15 Jun 2022 - Google

The service I received from LEAD Conveyancing, and in particular our conveyancer Sherry, was spectacular and I cannot rate them higher.They answered all my novice questions and their documents with recommendations are easy to understand and have helped us immensely... read more

Nhan K Avatar
Nhan K
10 Jun 2022 - Google

10 stars for Red and Mark and to all your professional, competent and very helpful staff. Thank you for making it so easy for me go through with the property purchase/settlement process.. great experience, wonderful customer service and all... read more

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Trinh Thai LLB

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Sellers Conveyancing
Trinh Thai LLB

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Trinh Thai LLB

What you need to do

  1. Let us know what you are proposing to do
  2. We'll review the contract & section 32 looking for red-flags
  3. We’ll suggest changes & special conditions in the contract to protect your interest
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What can we help you with?

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Buying your existing
or off-the-plan residential property
Including reviewing the Contract of your proposed purchase
Selling your existing residential property
Including drafting your Contract and Section 32 also known as a Vendor’s Statement
Property transfers between related parties
Contract Review
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Contract Drafting
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Why LEAD Conveyancing Frankston?

So you need conveyancing done for a property you just bought. You search the internet and you are faced with a massive list of options. You, then, request for quotes and you get several different figures. Do you go for the cheapest? What kind of service are you expecting?

Essentially, of course, you want it done smoothly from start to finish. You wouldn't want it to be expensive but at the same time not so cheap that you sacrifice quality. You want this to be taken care of and not be troubled so you can get on with your daily work and schedule. Lastly (and this is the most overlooked part), you want to be sure that your interest, as the buyer, will be protected no matter what happens.

Summarised in a list, these are what you're after.

  • Hassle-free
  • Affordability
  • Quality service
  • Peace of mind
  • Security

At LEAD, these are the expectations we set for our clients. You get professional property lawyer service for a fixed price and you get full assistance from start to finish. No matter how complicated the situation may turn out, you're always sure we can protect your interest. We take care of the messy work while you sit back and relax, get on with your busy schedule, or enjoy a holiday and sip your piñacolada. As long as you have access to your smartphone and your email, we'll be able to do business. Simple, quick, and efficient.

Our Frankston Conveyancing Services

When you purchase a property, one of the most crucial steps is getting two documents reviewed - the Contract of Sale and Section 32.

If you want to sell your property, you have to have two documents prepared and ready before putting it on the market - the Contract of Sale and Section 32.

It may sound simple but the way your contract is structured and drawn up can make a difference when selling a property. In the real estate world, there's what's called “buyer's remorse”. If you have hired a quality solicitor or a property lawyer who knows cheap conveyancing really well, you can avoid this through contract preparation. Lawyers know the proper wording to use so that a seller won't have interested parties changing their mind. When you're buying a property, getting these two documents reviewed will enable you to make an educated decision whether you'll go ahead with the purchase or not. Your solicitor will scrutinise every line and every detail of the contract and vendor statement to make sure risks are identified before you sign the contract. After that, if you want the contract amended, your lawyer will translate your demands through legal terminologies and send them back to the vendor solicitors.

That's the kind of service you get from LEAD! You're not getting someone who just knows the process and does the job. You're getting a legal representation who knows the ins and outs of the business and someone who can act on your behalf as the seller or buyer.

How we provide Cheap Conveyancing in Frankston

When you want to be able to provide your services at very affordable prices for your clients, it is no secret that the key is to lower down the costs of your business.

We have one of the most competitive prices in the market and as a conveyancing company, we built our business model with simplicity and focus.

  • We eliminated the use of paper copies and all paperwork are just electronic documents.
  • We formed our team by getting only property lawyers. Lawyers with other skills and specialisation will have expensive rates.
  • We focused on conveyancing only. That way, we won't need to hire other skills and talents.
  • Everything is virtual and there is no face to face appointments. This eliminated travel costs and unproductive time that we have to pay for.

By doing these, we were able to save time and divert them into more productive activities. We took advantage of what technology has to offer and in return, we get to cut costs and lower down our prices.

Why do you need Conveyancing Solicitors in Frankston?

A solicitor and a best conveyancer will both do the job for your newly bought property. True.

There's no point in spending the extra 100-200 dollars difference on a lawyer. False.

Let's say you bought the latest model, top of the line, and most expensive Apple iPhone in the market. The next thing you would most likely buy is a protective case for your newly bought smartphone, and there are a lot of options. Will you opt to spend less on a low-priced, unbranded phone case? Or would you buy a pricey but durable, tested, protective case from a well-known brand that's guaranteed to protect your precious phone?

I don't know about you but if I was able to spend so much on such an expensive phone, I won't be thinking twice about getting the most bankable phone case out there. I'd rather spend a bit more money on it and be able to sleep at night knowing my iPhone won't break or get scratched even if it drops 6 feet above the ground. I'll be spending more now so I can preserve my phone and make it last for years. Save yourself a few bucks now and you might spend more on repairs at a later time when something happens. You choose.

About Frankston City

Frankston is a suburb of Melbourne in the state of Victoria which is situated 41 kilometres south-east of the city centre of Melbourne, which is north of the Mornington Peninsula. It is usually called “the gateway to the Mornington Peninsula” due to its geographical location. Since the 1880s, Frankston has been a well-known seaside destination of Melbourne being situated on the eastern coast of Port Phillip. It is also home to one of the biggest exhibitions of sand sculpting in the Southern Hemisphere. Frankston is overall a leafy suburb with a wide array of natural heritage elements. There are hundreds of species of flowers that are native to the Frankston area, including more than 20 species of orchid (some of which are also indigenous to the area), and can be seen in formal public gardens in the suburb as well as large natural reserves.

The Frankston City Council has an array of programs pursuing environmental sustainability growth in the suburb. In 2004 at the LivCom International Awards for Livable Communities, the Bronze Award was given to the city council for its “management of environment, and enhancement of quality life”. In 2008, the Keep Australia Beautiful Victorian Sustainable Cities Award was also won by the City of Frankston, and in 2015, it was dubbed the overall Victorian Sustainable City of the Year.

Large natural parks and reserves of Frankston include Paratea Reserve, Bunarong Park, Lower Sweetwater Creek Reserve, and the Frankston Foreshore Reserve. Large gardens and formal public parks in the suburb are George Pentland Botanic Gardens, Frankston Waterfront, Beauty Park, and Ballam Park.

Buying a Property in Frankston

Frankston has a temperate marine climate similar to that of Melbourne's metropolitan area which has mild summers and cool but not cold winters. However, Frankston is usually around 2 degrees Celsius cooler than the Melbourne city centre. The suburb is one of the last places in Melbourne to encounter the cold front weather effect that occurs during summer.

A commanding suburban component in the Frankston area means its residential property combination is not as diverse as areas that are nearer to the Melbourne city centre - as the suburb has minimal multi-storey estate. However, as the economic hub, Frankston has been named as one of the nine activity centres in the Melbourne metropolitan area in numerous Victorian state government planning policies. These policies aim to improve multi-storey property development in the Central Business District of Frankston.

Here are some statistics according to the 2016 Australian census:

  • 26.3 per cent of Frankston residents own their property,
  • 30.5 per cent are buying their property, and
  • 39.7 per cent are renting their property

Also, 19.7% of private dwellings were semi-detached houses, 6.1 per cent were units, flats, or apartments, and 73.8% were private houses. Frankston consists mainly of the “Australian Dream” which is a colloquial term for traditional quarter-acre blocks, and about 70% of houses in the suburb have three or more bedrooms. An accumulation of units, flats, and apartments are also centred around the Central Business District of Frankston. Being one of the suburbs in the southernmost parts of the Melbourne metropolitan area, Frankston is also one of the most affordable. As of 2015's first quarter, the median house price in Frankston is $390,000. In comparison, the median house price of the Melbourne metropolitan area overall is $638,445, and Australia's median house price generally is $576,100.

If you are planning to buy investment properties in Frankston, houses rent out for $390 per week with a rental yield of 3.3 per cent annually. Units, on the other hand, rent for $325 per week with an annual rental yield of 3.9%. Frankston has displayed a compound growth rate of 5.5 per cent for units and 7.6 per cent for houses, based on five years of sales.

Property Selling in Frankston

Some real estate in Frankston normally sells for well above the suburb's median house price. As an example, properties in the catchment area of one of the most creditable state government schools in Victoria, Frankston High School, sold 16.9 per cent more than the median house price on average. The home to the most expensive real estate in Frankston is the locality of Olivers Hill which has panoramic views across Port Phillip. Properties in the area have sold for between $3 million to $4 million in 2015, at the same time when the median house price was $390,000 in the suburb of Frankston. Olivers Hill is deemed to have one of Melbourne's top ten residential views.

It is expected, however, for properties to spend some time on the market before a successful sale. Houses and units normally stay on listing for an average of 36.8 days. In spite of that, property investors saw the median house price rise to $618,000. Frankston ranks 269th on the Best Yielding Suburbs list for rental properties in VIC, with a 3.28 per cent return.

Frankston, VIC

About Frankston, VIC

Frankston is a suburb of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia, in the local government area of the City of Frankston. It is located 41 km south-east of the Melbourne city centre, north of the Mornington Peninsula. Due to its geographic location, it is often referred to as "the gateway to the Mornington Peninsula". European settlement of Frankston began around the same time as the foundation of Melbourne in 1835—initially as an unofficial fishing village serving the early Melbourne township. Prior to its settlement, the Frankston area was primarily inhabited by the Mayone-bulluk clan from the Bunurong tribe of the Kulin nation. The official village of Frankston was established in 1854, with its first land sales taking place on 29 May. It has subsequently given its name to the broader Frankston local government area since 1893, and serves as both its activity and administrative centre.Situated on the eastern shoreline of Port Phillip, Frankston has been a popular seaside destination of Melbourne since the 1880s. Frankston Beach is still one of the most frequented in Victoria, and is recognised as one of the cleanest in Australia. It was also home to one of the largest exhibitions of sand sculpting in the Southern Hemisphere.Localities in the suburb (within its postcode 3199) include: Frankston Central Business District (CBD), Frankston East, Frankston Heights, Karingal, Long Island, Mount Erin and Olivers Hill. The independent suburb of Frankston South also shares the same postcode as Frankston.

Frankston, VIC

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Robert Christiansen Ramirez

We cannot thank enough the great team of Lead Conveyancing, me and my wife were able to get through the whole process of our land settlement with no sweat. Special mention to Trinh and Alice who assisted us patiently and who's been really nice to us! Well done guys! Looking forward for the next step with you! Thank you.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Rachelle Chapman

Incredibly impressed with the service provided from LEAD Conveyancing. Communication was very consistent and I was never left unsure of what was happening. I had many questions and the team was always there to help straight away. Would recommend to anyone!

Jasmine Lucas

Trinh was meticulous in detail and covered everything throughout the entire process. She handled the transaction from buying and selling efficiently. Our simultaneous settlement went through seamlessly, I was so impressed. Thank you for your exceptional work Trinh!

Mike Kollmorgen

Engaging Trinh from Lead Conveyancing to assist us with our first home purchase was super helpful. She made our first purchase so easy and seamless. We had so many questions and she was able to assist with all of them. Highly recommend Lead Conveyancing!

Perry Smith

Wonderful service! I had the pleasure of having my contract reviewed by Trinh. Price was good and advice was better. Thank you lead conveyancing.