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Legal Director | Founder

Trinh is a compassionate conveyancing lawyer who handles her clients with genuine care — yes, all of the LEAD team wants to help but Trinh's eagerness to help is on a galactically higher pedestal! Aside from that, her knowledge of residential conveyancing in the several States of Australia is top-notch. She can easily hop from state to state like a kangaroo.

For Trinh, transactional matters should be a joyful trade between the seller and the buyer to achieve a mutually satisfactory outcome. In her many years of practice, her main goal is to ensure that all parties are satisfied with a seamless conveyance process.

Trinh's value proposition is she is a property lawyer that understands and gives importance to client expectations, real estate agency business needs and the true value of business-to-business (B2B) operational harmony. She believes that the best B2B partnership is one with a happy relationship between all parties.

As the Legal Director of LEAD Conveyancing, Trinh is an advocate of a joyful workplace. She wants to cut out the notion that the difference in the role of an employer and an employee should be a basis for a difference in treatment at a workplace. For her, a true leader is defined by the respect given to them by the people that they lead, not a title or position that is given to them within an organisational chart.

For as long as Trinh is the Legal Director of LEAD Conveyancing, the office will be a place where everyone feels equal, valued, and safe to express their personality and opinion. For her, if she looks after her employees, they will, in turn, look after her clients and keep their office a happy place to live.

As a bonafide Good Samaritan, Trinh volunteered as a mentor for freshmen students during her days at University, sharing her knowledge and personal experience while studying at University, helping them to adapt to make their stay at University enjoyable.

As you can see, she lends her hand not just to her clients but to most of the people around her. When you visit her LinkedIn profile, forget about her achievements — look through her activity feed and you'll find out that she's really committed to what she's talking about. Her soul is as beautiful as the Blue Mountains as she aims to show you how affectionate and charitable she is as a human being.

During her “me” time, she hits the gym to take out her "legal" stress. You may also find her either reclining on a chair, enjoying her favourite Netflix series or cooking up some tasty food in the kitchen.

Favourite Quote

“Train people well enough so they can leave,
treat them well enough so they don't want to.”
– Sir Richard Branson

Work History

Before LEADing her conveyancing firm, Trinh was a prestigious member of Think Conveyancing. She started from being a lawyer, Associate Legal Director and eventually became the Head of Legal Services Delivery of the firm.


Trinh completed her Bachelor of Laws (LL.B. Hons) and Bachelor of Science (Majoring in Psychology)  at Deakin University. She obtained her Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (GDLP) at College of Law.