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David Coffey
- Google

We found Kristy to be professional, capable and friendly. She made the daunting process of property purchase logical with her easy to understand process procedure. She also helped us avoid a cyber fraud, we will always be in her debt! Thank you Kristy!

Stephen Dewar
Stephen Dewar
- Google

Kristy at LEADCONVEYANCING is simply amazing. She was on top of every step of the process and gave us great confidence that our matters were in the safest of hands. I would HIGHLY recommend LEADCONVEYANCING and Kristy in particular.

Sam Morrison
Sam Morrison
- Google

Lead were very helpful in getting me into my first home. They did all the work and guided me with expert advice. Settlement was a breeze.

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Buyers Conveyancing
Kristy Fletcher LLB (QUT)
Rockhampton Conveyancing Lawyer

What you need to do

  1. Send us a copy of the contract & when you’ll make an offer
  2. Tell us when you’d like to settle on the property
  3. We’ll achieve a satisfactory outcome for you
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Or call 1800 532 326 for a FREE 10-min consultation.
Or just read our Rockhampton Frequently Asked Questions.
Click here to request a online quote
Or call 1800 532 326 for a FREE consultation.
Or just read our Rockhampton FAQ.


Sellers Conveyancing
Kristy Fletcher LLB (QUT)
Rockhampton Property Lawyer

What you need to do

  1. Send us a copy of the contract or instruct us to draft it
  2. Tell us more about the property you’re selling
  3. We’ll achieve an on-time settlement for you
Click here to request a online quote
Or call 1800 532 326 for a FREE 10-min consultation.
Or just read our Rockhampton Frequently Asked Questions.
Click here to request a online quote
Or call 1800 532 326 for a FREE consultation.
Or just read our Rockhampton FAQ.


Buying & Selling
Kristy Fletcher LLB (QUT)
Rockhampton Conveyancing Solicitor

What you need to do

  1. Let us know what you are proposing to do;
  2. We will tailor the purchase and sale contracts to fit your particular requirements and timeline; and
  3. We will provide you with a seamless transition from home to home.
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Or call 1800 532 326 for a FREE 10-min consultation.
Or just read our Rockhampton Frequently Asked Questions.
Click here to request a online quote
Or call 1800 532 326 for a FREE consultation.
Or just read our Rockhampton FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

Specifically for the Greater Rockhampton Region
  • What searches should I order when purchasing property in Rockhampton?

    When you are purchasing in the beef capital of Australia the first thing you should consider is the location and past of the property you are buying. Any property that has been previously used for farming purposes you should organise a contaminated land search to make sure the chemicals used on the land have not caused contamination.

    Rockhampton also has a lot of older buildings which evidence the cultural and historical heritage of the area. Where you are purchasing a building that is an older building (e.g. built before 1950) or a building that looks like it may have cultural significance then you should obtain a heritage search to check to see if you will be restricted in how you can use or renovate the property. There are several heritage searches you can conduct. Your free searches include:

    As with any property you should always check to see if the property is council approved by organising a building records search. Where the property is low lying, you should also check to see if the property has been flooded with a flood search.

  • What disclosure as a seller may I need to give if selling a property in Rockhampton?

    If you are selling a property that has been used for farming purposes or was previously a fuel station then you need to check if the property is on the contaminated land register. Where the property is on the contaminated land register very specific disclosure needs to be given to the buyer before you sell the property. You should always speak to your solicitor before selling any property located on the contaminated land register.

    In Queensland disclosure by the seller is limited to specific, and sometimes unusual, matters that affect the property being sold. You should always speak to a solicitor before selling a property to make sure the correct disclosure has been given under the contract. Where you fail to give the buyer the correct disclosure you may find the buyer has a right to terminate the contract or claim compensation from you.

  • Is the wall mounted TV screen included with the sale of the property?
    Items that need to be included in the sale of a property are any item that is affixed to the property. These are known as fixtures and can usually be located by being attached, plumbed in or otherwise physically connected to the property in such a way that to remove them would damage the property or decrease the value of the property. As wall mounted television screens are required to be screwed into the walls of the property they are generally considered to be fixtures. If a seller does not want to leave a wall mount television in the property when they sell then they should list it in the contract as an excluded fixture along with the wall mounting bracket.
  • What do I do if I do not know what bank I am applying for for finance when signing a contract?
    If you are not sure what bank you will be applying to when you sign the contract then you should complete the finance section of the contract so your bank is listed as “A bank or financial institution of the buyers choice”. This will allow you to pick your bank after you have signed the contract. If instead you were to insert the name of a bank you did not end up applying for finance through you would not have a right to terminate under the finance clause unless you made an application through that bank as well as where you intend to get finance from.
  • Can I do a building but not a pest inspection?
    You can choose to only do a building but not a pest inspection as part of the standard building and pest condition. With ADL contracts you can select one but not the other condition as well if you know you definitely want a building inspection but do not need the pest inspection. With the ADL contract by selecting one option you will not have rights to terminate if your report reveals issues under the other option which cause you not to want to purchase the property so make sure you know what you definitely want to do first.
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Why Us?

Some people have never heard of conveyancing.

Why is a conveyancer or solicitor required when you're buying a property? The quick answer is that you need their service to transfer the property title to your name. They also take care of the necessary paperwork which should make the process easy for you. They do the dirty work.

What's the difference between a conveyancer and a solicitor? A conveyancer is friendlier on the wallet but has less scope and expertise. A solicitor may be a bit more expensive but in exchange for peace of mind.

LEAD, is a team made up of highly experienced property lawyers and our job is to make sure conveyancing gets done hassle-free, at an affordable price, and with peace of mind!

Our Services

Rockhampton Conveyancing quote

When looking for a conveyancing service, there are a few things to look out for.

Here's how you can identify if a firm you're potentially dealing with is to stay away from.

  • FREE Contract Review - There is no such thing as free service. It's a business and not an outreach program. A lawyer will not spend money and study for years just to give their service for free.
  • FIXED Fee - If a total price is declared as fixed, IT IS NOT. A conveyancer or solicitor's professional fee is the only thing that is fixed. Searches will always be an estimated price.

At LEAD, we don't sugarcoat and we don't hide costs. We tell you should expect, what the costs are for, and how much for each.

How we provide Cheap Price

When selling or buying a property, getting a lawyer doesn't have to be expensive.

LEAD's business model is aligned with today's technology. We take advantage of online resources to get things done quickly and easily. Emails, smartphones, VOIP, and the internet have made our process efficient and user-friendly. With that, we get rid of costs that only the past requires.

  • Travel costs.
  • Hard copies and paper documents costs.
  • Wasted time on face-to-face appointments.

The fact is that everyone is already mobile and saved time can be used for other purposes.

Why do you need Solicitors in Rockhampton?

Just the thought of getting a solicitor used to scare people away because it means lots of money to pay.

Notice that I used the words, “used to”? That's because property lawyers nowadays are no longer expensive. You just have to find the right firm. So why is it important to get a solicitor?

First, the most important document which is the contract of sale needs to be reviewed before you sign. A solicitor will check the contract line by line and will tell you if it's safe to proceed. If problems arise due to an overlooked detail, they are held liable and it's their profession on the line giving you the assurance that they won't mess it up.

About Rockhampton

Rockhampton ConveyancingRockhampton is a municipality in Central Queensland's Rockhampton Region, in Australia. In June 2018, the population of Rockhampton was 78,592, which makes it the state's fourth-largest city outside of the cities of South East Queensland. It is also the 22nd-largest city in Australia.

Rockhampton is one of the oldest cities in the state of Queensland and also in Northern Australia. Charles and William Archer came across, in 1853, what is known today as the Fitzroy River, which they named after Sir Charles FitzRoy. In 1855, the Archer brothers settled near Gracemere, and soon after, more settlers arrived, lured by the fertile valleys. In 1858, the town of Rockhampton was proclaimed and surveyed by William Henry Standish, Francis Clarke, and Arthur F Wood. The chosen street design closely bore resemblance to the Hoddle Grid in Melbourne and consisted of a grid of laneways and wide boulevards, which was not common in Queensland.

Buying a Property

Within the year, gold was discovered at Canoona, which led to the first gold rush of North Australia. This paved the way for an influx of settlers who quickly turned Rockhampton into the state's second-largest port. Rockhampton was dubbed as the "City of the Three S's", during this period, of which were "Sin, Sweat, and Sorrow". Succeeding gold rushes at Mount Morgan Mine laid the foundations for the majority of the Victorian architecture of the city, which was one of the most productive gold mines in the world at that time.

Property Selling

Today, Rockhampton is an agricultural and industrial centre of the north and is Central Queensland's regional centre. Rockhampton is also a huge tourist destination known for its culture and history supporting institutions such as the Rockhampton Art Gallery, which is Australia's one of the most extensive regional galleries, the Central Queensland University which has campuses across five different states, Dreamtime Cultural Centre, and the Rockhampton Heritage Village. It is also known as the hometown of Rod Laver who is history's one of the best tennis players.

The Rockhampton Airport services the city and acts as a gateway to tourist locations such as Mount Archer National Park and the Capricorn Caves, as well as Yeppoon and the Capricorn Coast which are regional tourist areas alongside the island chains offshore including Great Keppel Island.

Rockhampton has a sultry subtropical climate. The city is located on the Tropic of Capricorn and rests within the southeast trade wind belt, so far south to be able to experience consistent northwest monsoonal impact, and so far north to be able to gain much influence from cold weather coming in from the Southern Ocean. Distinctive temperature ranges are 22 to 32 degrees Celsius in the summer or wet season and 9 to 23 degrees Celsius in the winter or dry season. Yearly, the city has 116.3 days of clear skies.