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We found Kristy to be professional, capable and friendly. She made the daunting process of property purchase logical with her easy to understand process procedure. She also helped us avoid a cyber fraud, we will always be in her debt! Thank you Kristy!

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Stephen Dewar
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Kristy at LEADCONVEYANCING is simply amazing. She was on top of every step of the process and gave us great confidence that our matters were in the safest of hands. I would HIGHLY recommend LEADCONVEYANCING and Kristy in particular.

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Sam Morrison
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Lead were very helpful in getting me into my first home. They did all the work and guided me with expert advice. Settlement was a breeze.

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Driving Direction To Salisbury 4107

Salisbury Property Conveyancing Market Update

The property market of Salisbury is just like anyone will expect of a small town on the outskirts of  Brisbane.  Although prices and housing costs are not as high compared to other parts of the state capital, however, the local real estate market has witnessed a consistent rise in the median prices of houses over the last five years. According to market estimates, the cost of home construction has gone up, and so has the value of residential properties by as much as 9.14%.

While the value growth has been on a positive trend, it has lagged behind that of other suburbs like Sunnybank, which has witnessed a far higher growth rate during the same period. Although the median home price in Salisbury hit $645,000, this figure still pales in comparison to other local property markets in southern Brisbane, especially in other suburban communities. Over the last few years, property in other areas posted a value raise of 9.4% compared to Salisbury’s 9.14%.

But if you are looking to rent an apartment in Salisbury, you are in luck as rents are quite low. The houses in the area tend to have larger indoor and outdoor spaces, and rents hardly increase by more than a few percentage points, if they ever do. As a property owner, you also get to earn a monthly median income of $440 as rental income. In addition, if you are looking to sell a Salisbury property, according to the local property regulations, you will have to wait for at least 33 days on average to find an interested buyer. 

Lastly, Salisbury ranks 611 on the list of median property growth in Queensland with an average return of 3.55%

  • The suburb occupies 631 position for median property growth in the whole of Australia
  • Property gain almost hit an all-time high double-digit for the first time in years
  • Salisbury ranks behind other suburbs in the region
  • Homeowners may have to wait for a little over a month to sell a property they put up for sale

Why A Salisbury Conveyancer Is Important

If you are looking to invest in Salisbury’s real estate, you need to ensure that the local market is right for you. This suburb of Brisbane has just under 7,000 people, and about 27.27% of the local population live in rented homes. As an investor, do not expect a double-digit rise in property value because the demand for homes in the area is unlike what is obtainable in more populated areas. However, if you are looking to earn consistent rental income from your investment, this is a very good market to invest in. Demand for rental apartments has remained consistent for years, and the median rent for houses is $440. The average weekly rent of a single rental property is $310, with a net positive yield

While the average seller may have to wait 33 days to sell a home, buyers have to wait for an average of 112 days to find a suitable property to buy. What this estimate goes on to show is that there are more net buyers than there are sellers, which represents a positive trend in the market.

If you are looking to sell or buy a property in any part of Salisbury, you need Conveyancing. Due to the complex nature of transferring property ownership, and the stringent documentation involved, many people rely on conveyance experts to help them handle their documentation.

Conveyancing is the process of transferring a property from a former owner to a new owner, and LEAD Conveyancing services is exactly what you need to ensure a smooth and seamless property transfer process.

Facts About Salisbury Conveyancing Service Area

Salisbury is a suburb town in the southern part of Brisbane, Queensland, with quite a notable history. Located only 12.7 kilometers away from CBD, it used to be an industrial zone for the war-making factories of Australia during the Second World War. At this location, rifles, transport vehicles, rocket launchers, and every piece of equipment required to prosecute the war were manufactured. This is why till date, iconic WWII sites and structures are dotting the length and breadth of the small suburb in southern Brisbane.  Salisbury’s population is as small as its size, with about 7,000 permanent residents occupying the area based on 2016 census figures.

It also shares a common boundary with Toohey Mountain Reserve and Toohey Mountain, two sites filled with rich animal and plant life. There are also massive parklands to the north that attract so many hitchhikers and adventurers every year from far and near.

This part of Brisbane was originally named after one-time resident William Coote, who was a Brisbane engineer and architect as well as a political figure at the time. Eventually, it assumed its current name. Historians believe that Salisbury was named after the original Salisbury town in England.

Development of the area ramped up in 1885 with the construction of the Beenleigh metro line and the building of the train station in Salisbury itself. This was followed by the advertisement for the sale of Salisbury Township Estate located off the main road in modern-day Lilian Avenue. However, the suburb still maintains its hamlet outlook and remains a great place for residents who prefer quiet neighborhoods.

  • The State school in Salisbury was commissioned on 27 May 1920
  • The School estate was auctioned on 14 May 1921
  • Surrounding suburbs include Moorooka, Rocklea, Coopers Plains
  • There are vintage shopping centers and a microbrewery in the area

Things To Do In Salisbury Cheap Conveyancing Solicitor

Unlike the usual hustle and bustle of major cities, Salisbury has a small-town feeling to it because, as a matter of fact, it is indeed a small town with a small population. So if you are looking for a big city with all the razz mattaz of urban life, this is not the location for you. However, if you like it nice and quiet, you will love all that the town has to offer.

 There are quite a few vintage small-time shopping malls where you can go shopping. Furthermore, there are nice activities and places you can visit to enjoy a nice time such as.


If you love Latino food, you might want to try out Macondo. This restaurant serves tasty Colombian dishes, and there are quite a few recipes you will like. Located in the industrial area of the town, Macondo is a nice place to relax and unwind.

Ballistic Beer

Ballistic Beer is another place to be if you want to enjoy a nice glass of ale. Set up in a historic World War 2 shed, locals and visitors to the area visit Ballistic Beer to enjoy a perfectly brewed beer on sunny afternoons. If you prefer homemade beer over mass-produced factory beer, we are sure you will enjoy a trip to Ballistic Beer.

Hedge Espresso

Top-notch coffee is what Hedge Espresso offers to diners who walk in during weekday and weekend mornings. There are several coffee recipes on offer, from cappuccinos to espresso to lattes. The beans are locally sourced, processed, and served in lovely mugs. A visit to this coffee shop is a trip worth the effort.

Old Boathouse Warehouse

Old Boathouse Warehouse is an old-fashioned World War 2 shed harking back to the war years of 8 decades ago. This is a mini-museum in Salisbury containing vintage pieces and relics of the war. Visitors can also learn about the history of the town from its founding, the first settlers, and all the way to modern times.

Other things to do include

  • A visit to Salisbury Community Bookshop
  • A visit to Cup and Wells
  • Relaxing in any of the numerous parklands in the area
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