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Need a conveyancing service done right the first time in Bundaberg?
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LEAD Conveyancing is the only property law firm with a guaranteed fast response time.
Need a conveyancing service done right the first time in Bundaberg? Choose a 2020 & 2021 Best Conveyancer Service Award #1 Winner.
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Communication & responses within 48 business hours, guaranteed*
or we’ll deduct $100 from your professional fee (no questions asked).
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Care from a Queensland Law Society registered law practice at an affordable cost. You get a Lawyer from A to Z (Kristy Fletcher). Not a legal clerk.
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Extra care & hand-holding for First Time Bundaberg Buyers and Sellers. Legal advice and support throughout the process. Not just paper pushing.
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Clients give us "5-stars" for our Quality Service and Affordable Fixed Costs
Perry Smith Avatar
Perry Smith
- Google

Wonderful service! I had the pleasure of having my contract reviewed by Trinh. Price was good and advice was better. Thank you lead conveyancing.

Vishal Ranbhan Avatar
Vishal Ranbhan
- Google

Simon was expectional. He was really good at giving us timely updates and in the end , the whole process was flawless , didn't find any issues and everything went smoothly.

Francois Rademan Avatar
Francois Rademan
- Google

Would highly recommend LEAD. Fantastic to deal with from start to finish and on the ball with everything. If I had to buy again I would not hesitate one bit.

Jenn Diacono Avatar
Jenn Diacono
- Google

Amazing service! As a first home buyer I needed a lot of support to navigate through the whole process. Trinh went above and beyond and held our hand through the entire process.Very grateful!Thanks Trinh

Peter Notenboom Avatar
Peter Notenboom
- Google

Lead Conveyancing provided excellent service and expertise from start to finish, I will surely recommend them to all family & friends, 5 star rating is not high enough, they deserve nore stars. Our sincere gratitude to the whole team, their friendly, flexible, & professional approach... read more

Wendy Wills Avatar
Wendy Wills
- Google

Working with Kristy Fletcher was a pleasure!
Kristy is professional, knowledgeable and responsive. Questions answered quickly, and issues raised and resolved efficiently. Kristy also saved us 1000s of dollars through interpreting contract/legal wording correctly.
Highly recommend Kristy for your Conveyancing needs.

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We’ve won the Word Of Mouth Service Award in Conveyancing for 2020 & 2021.

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Buyers Conveyancing
Kristy Fletcher LLB (QUT)
Bundaberg Conveyancing Lawyer

What you need to do

  1. Send us a copy of the contract & when you’ll make an offer
  2. Tell us when you’d like to settle on the property
  3. We’ll achieve a satisfactory outcome for you
Click here to request a online quote
Or call 1800 532 326 for a FREE 10-min consultation.
Or just read our Bundaberg Frequently Asked Questions.
Click here to request a online quote
Or call 1800 532 326 for a FREE consultation.
Or just read our Bundaberg FAQ.


Sellers Conveyancing
Kristy Fletcher LLB (QUT)
Bundaberg Property Lawyer

What you need to do

  1. Send us a copy of the contract or instruct us to draft it
  2. Tell us more about the property you’re selling
  3. We’ll achieve an on-time settlement for you
Click here to request a online quote
Or call 1800 532 326 for a FREE 10-min consultation.
Or just read our Bundaberg Frequently Asked Questions.
Click here to request a online quote
Or call 1800 532 326 for a FREE consultation.
Or just read our Bundaberg FAQ.


Buying & Selling
Kristy Fletcher LLB (QUT)
Bundaberg Conveyancing Solicitor

What you need to do

  1. Let us know what you are proposing to do;
  2. We will tailor the purchase and sale contracts to fit your particular requirements and timeline; and
  3. We will provide you with a seamless transition from home to home.
Click here to request a online quote
Or call 1800 532 326 for a FREE 10-min consultation.
Or just read our Bundaberg Frequently Asked Questions.
Click here to request a online quote
Or call 1800 532 326 for a FREE consultation.
Or just read our Bundaberg FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

Specifically for the Greater Bundaberg Region
  • What is conveyancing?
    Conveyancing is the process of transferring real property between people. This could be done as a purchase, sale or transfer without a Contract.
  • Should I see a lawyer before or after signing a Contract?
    We recommend you see a lawyer or property solicitor before you sign the Contract. That way you can be advised of what the Contract will mean for you during the conveyance, what special conditions you should insert in the Contract, and anything you should do before you sign the Contract.
  • Can I complete my paperwork for the conveyance online?
    Some property lawyer or Property Law Firms will allow you to complete a majority of your paperwork for the conveyance online. There will be some forms for the Office of State Revenue or Land Titles Registry that you will still need to complete in hardcopy. In some cases however it may be possible to complete all your paperwork online if you are also completing settlement by an electronic settlement platform.
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Why Us?

When you are buying or selling a property, you'll need conveyancing.

But with all the options on the internet, how do you know which one to choose? What's the right way to compare?

Here is a list of things people look at when choosing the right firm for them:

  1. Price - some look for the cheapest but some look for reliability.
  2. Fixed Fee - if it's not a fixed fee, you may end up with a huge bill.
  3. Local - some baby boomers still prefer someone within their local area
  4. Lawyers - for those in the know, they will choose a lawyer over a conveyancer

LEAD Conveyancing Bundaberg is a team of property lawyers with services at very affordable prices. Apart from having a fixed legal fee, the company’s operations are 100% virtual making our process efficient and costs available at competitive prices.

Our Services

Bundaberg Conveyancing quote

The contract of sale is probably the most important document in your transaction.

This stipulates agreements between you and the seller. Sometimes, it can be a standard REIQ contract but in some cases, there are special conditions that will require attention to detail by a lawyer or solicitor.

If you're a buyer, you should have the contract reviewed before signing. You will know of any potential risk that can be a problem down the road. Don't fall for free contract reviews, though. It is always best to have a property lawyer review the contract because it is guaranteed and meticulously performed.

If you're the seller, yes, you can use a standard REIQ contract but a lawyer drawing up your contract will structure the wording and give you an advantage as the seller. It will protect you from what's called “buyer's remorse”.

How we provide Cheap Price

It's easy! Here's what we did.

  • Simplified process and operations
  • Concentrated skills and talents
  • Made use of technology

We took out unnecessary steps which reduced our costs. It enabled us to focus on more important things making our day more productive and efficient.

We also only get property lawyers and only focus on conveyancing. We structured our operations embracing 100% technology making use of electronic resources. No more huge piles of documents, no more paper trails, no more face to face appointments. Through your computer or smartphone, everything is within the reach of your fingertips!

Why do you need Solicitors in Bundaberg?

“Should I get a solicitor?”

Here's the answer. Keep in mind that this is a 6-figure investment. Both you and the other party will be required to get a representation. It's your choice whether you'll hire a conveyancer or a solicitor. And, of course, you're aware that a solicitor can protect you in terms of legalities while a conveyancer cannot, right?

So imagine if you engaged a conveyancer because it's cheaper and the other party went with a solicitor. If things go wrong, who do you think has the advantage? It's like going to war and bringing a pistol then you see your enemy carry a machine gun.

Like wearing a bullet-proof vest, you have to protect your asset.

About Bundaberg

Bundaberg ConveyancingBundaberg is a municipality in the Bundaberg Region, in the state of Queensland, in Australia. It is Bundaberg Regional Council's headquarters and a major centre inside the geographical region of broader Wide Bay–Burnett. Bundaberg had a population of 50,148 people, according to the 2016 census, in the Bundaberg urban area.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimated, in 2018, a population of 70,921 people in Bundaberg's notable urban area (including some rural places outside the urban area of Bundaberg).

Buying a Property

The city is approximately 385 kilometres or 239 miles north of Brisbane, the state capital. It is situated on the Burnett River and is 15 kilometres or 9.3 miles inland from the Coral Sea coast.

The name, Bundaberg, was invented by John Charlton Thompson (a surveyor) and Alfred Dale Edwards (his assistant). Bunda is obtained from one of the names of the local Taribelang people's kinship groups, to which was attached the Saxon suffix berg, which means "town". The city is colloquially known as "Bundy".

The Taribelang Bunda people are the traditional owner Aboriginal group. They are the original occupants of the region.

Property Selling

Bundaberg has a list of heritage-listed sites, which include:

  • Kalkie State School - at the corner of Bargara Road and Zielke Avenue, Kalkie
  • Bourbong Street Weeping Figs - on Bourbong Street, Bundaberg Central
  • Bundaberg War Memorial - on Bourbong Street, Bundaberg Central
  • Bundaberg War Nurses Memorial - on Bourbong Street, West Bundaberg
  • Kennedy Bridge - on Bourbong Street between Bundaberg East and Bundaberg Central
  • Bundaberg Post Office - at 155a Bourbong Street
  • Bundaberg School of Arts - at 184 Bourbong Street, Bundaberg Central
  • Commercial Bank - at 191–193 Bourbong Street, Bundaberg Central
  • Bundaberg Central State School - at 13 Crofton Street
  • St John's Lutheran Church - at 30 George Street, South Bundaberg
  • South Sea Islander Church - at 46 Johnston Street, Millbank
  • Fallon House - at 1 Maryborough Street, Bundaberg Central
  • St Andrews Uniting Church - at the corner of Woongarra and Maryborough Streets, Bundaberg Central
  • Bundaberg Police Station - on Quay Street, Bundaberg Central
  • Burnett Bridge - in Bundaberg Central, on Quay Street, to Perry Street, Bundaberg North
  • Saltwater Creek Railway Bridge - from Bundaberg Central to Bundaberg East, on Quay Street
  • Sir Anthony's Rest - on Sir Anthony's Rest Street, Qunaba
  • East Bundaberg Water Tower - at 17 Sussex Street, East Bundaberg
  • Fairymead House - on Thornhill Street, Bundaberg North
  • 4BU Radio Station - on 55 Woongarra Street
  • Christ Church, Bundaberg - at the corner of Maryborough and Woongarra streets, Bundaberg Central