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We found Kristy to be professional, capable and friendly. She made the daunting process of property purchase logical with her easy to understand process procedure. She also helped us avoid a cyber fraud, we will always be in her debt! Thank you Kristy!

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Stephen Dewar
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Kristy at LEADCONVEYANCING is simply amazing. She was on top of every step of the process and gave us great confidence that our matters were in the safest of hands. I would HIGHLY recommend LEADCONVEYANCING and Kristy in particular.

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Sam Morrison
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Lead were very helpful in getting me into my first home. They did all the work and guided me with expert advice. Settlement was a breeze.

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Ringwood Property Conveyancing Market Update

Ringwood is a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, that is not very far from the capital city. With a population of more than 17,000 people, this suburb is one of the fastest-growing residential areas in Melbourne. As of 2011, about 16,000 people were living in the area, but this figure has risen recently. Like its population, the property market has witnessed astronomic growth in recent times. Today, many people living in Ringwood own their homes; however, the locality also has a thriving property market.

Currently, about 62.7% of homes in Ringwood are owner-occupied, while the rest are rental properties. Also, the average monthly mortgage in Ringwood ranges between $1800-$2399 monthly. With a huge section of its working population working professional jobs, it is not surprising to know that this part of Australia has one of the lowest mortgage repayment defaults since most can afford to honor their mortgage commitments. The rate of Conveyancing services hired by buyers and sellers in the area is also very high as many houses exchange hands annually.

As for the value of capital gains recorded in the area, investors witnessed a property value increase of about 3.26% over the last three months. Homeowners and real estate investors also enjoyed a rise in median home prices by as much as 12.26%. Ringwood's rental market is not doing badly either.

  • The average weekly rent is $450
  • Investors enjoy an average of 2.49% increase in rental income per annum
  • The gross rental yield per annum is 2.46%
  • The average price of a home in Ringwood is $950,000

Why A Ringwood Conveyancer Is Important

Property Conveyancing in Ringwood is very important and a part of real estate procurement procedures you cannot afford to take lightly. This process is necessary for both sellers and buyers. Just in case you didn't know, a conveyancer is a professional solicitor who deals with the settlement ls of properties and title transfer from one person (seller) to another person (buyer). The expert ensures that all the obligations of his principal are met to letter while also protecting the client's interest. 

Conveyancers offer a very important service in the real estate industry, and they ensure that there are no mistakes involved in the property transfer process. Essentially, conveyancers ensure that both sides fulfill the terms of the contract of sale. In a nutshell, a conveyancer can help you

Draw up legal documents

The drawing up of legal documents remains one of the most important responsibilities of conveyancers. If you are looking to buy or sell a property in Ringwood or any part of Victoria, this service is of utmost importance.

Provide legal advice

The conveyancer with a deep knowledge of property law guiding the sale of properties is in the best position to provide you with the legal advice you will need as well as the technical know-how to navigate the entire process successfully.

Contract clauses

Another reason why a Conveyance service is important when buying or selling Ringwood properties has to do with the contract clauses. The expert will ensure that all the clauses set by the seller and agreed upon by the buyer are met.

And more importantly, the professional conveyancer will assist you in arranging the final settlement in a real estate transaction.

Facts About Ringwood Conveyancing Service Area

Ringwood is a suburb located in Melbourne East and is about 14 km from the central district of Victoria's capital city. With its local government in Maroondah, this part of Melbourne boasts a population of more than 17,000 residents. Ringwood has several parks and a thriving real estate economy, just like most parts of Melbourne.

Before the coming of modernization, Ringwood was just a small village during the middle of the 19th century. Before the land sales of the 1850s, it was a farming territory, and its first-ever post office was opened on the 2nd of August, 1875. In 1882, a railway was constructed, which passed through the town, and this development opened the area to even more modern infrastructure and growth. By 1924, the growth of the town room a new dimension with the coming of electrification infrastructure. After the end of World War 1, Ringwood experienced an economic boom, and by 1960, it was declared an independent city.

Today, the city has major modern infrastructure and a first-class transport system starting from the opening of Eastland Shopping Center in 1967. In the late 1990s, the city experienced a sort of renaissance with her redevelopment of its major infrastructure. More redevelopment took place in 2013 to make it a truly modern city. There are shopping malls, hotels, schools, cinema and event centers, and major and minor historical landmarks in Ringwood.

Suburbs around Greenwood include

  • Donvale
  • Croydon
  • Heathmont
  • Wantirna
  • Vermont

Things To Do In Ringwood Cheap Conveyancing Solicitor

Ringwood is truly a sophisticated city in Melbourne with lots of local attractions. Everywhere you look, there are recreational facilities catering to the needs of visitors and locals. So if you are thinking of spending some time in Ringwood or wish to make the city your permanent abode, here are some of the local attractions in the area you might enjoy.

Ringwood Lake

Ringwood Lake is a colorful Oasis with a rest area for families and a play area for children. The lake has open spaces for picnics and sitting areas for family and groups to sit back and relax. There are also shady trees to protect you from the sun. Many come here to enjoy nature's tranquility, and you can do the same.

Eastland Shopping Center

The legendary Eastland Shopping Center is a mall that caters to the shopping needs of Ringwood residents. You can get almost anything to buy here, and there are also lovely hangout spots like cafes and restaurants if you prefer wining and dining over shopping.

Mcalpin Reserve

Mcalpin Reserve is one of Ringwood's numerous parks. It has walking parts and open spaces li can relax. For most parts of the year, the weather here is quite pleasant, so you will enjoy your time here. In addition, Mcalpin has a carpark, a kid's playground, and other social amenities that a park should have.

Ringwood Library

If you are a lover of books, Ringwood Library is the place to be. It has a wide collection of books as well as old DVDs, CDs, newspapers, and magazines. In the basement of the library are restaurants and cafes.  You will also find the artistic features of the library quite stunning.

Other local attractions in Ringwood include

  • Ringwood Tower Clock
  • Croc Play Center
  • Mullum Creek Trail
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