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Conveyancing Point Cook

Need a conveyancing service done right the first time in Point Cook? Get a no hassle, on time settlement with your emails & calls promptly returned. LEAD Conveyancing is the only property law firm with a guaranteed fast response time.
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Communication & responses within 48 business hours, guaranteed*
or we’ll deduct $100 from your professional fee (no questions asked).
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Care from a Victorian Legal Services Board + Commissioner registered practice. You get a Lawyer from A to Z (Trinh Thai). Not a legal clerk.
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Extra care & hand-holding for First Time Point Cook Buyers and Sellers. Legal advice and support throughout the process. Not just paper pushing.
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Clients give us "5-stars" for our Quality Service and Affordable Fixed Costs
Deanna K Avatar
Deanna K
27 Jun 2022 - Google

We had the pleasure of dealing with Angel for selling and buying recently. I would recommend her to anyone - she was always very helpful and explained everything thoroughly. Thank you Angel for all your efforts :)

Vassilios Christopoulos Avatar
Vassilios Christopoulos
24 Jun 2022 - Google

Very Professional Organization and our family has used Lead Conveyancing several times. Trinh Thai is the Legal Director that we have dealt with and she is one of the nicest, and most professional persons that we have ever had experience... read more

Benny Avatar
24 Jun 2022 - Google

Sherry Chen was very efficient and completed my settlement in the short time that was allowed for. I would highly recommend.

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Trinh Thai LLB

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  1. Let us know what you are proposing to do
  2. We'll review the contract & section 32 looking for red-flags
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Property transfers between related parties
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LEAD Conveyancing Point Cook

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Why LEAD Conveyancing Point Cook?

When searching for a conveyancer, sometimes, the real estate agent will recommend someone. But, of course, you know that the agent's recommendation can sometimes be influenced by a commission. So you try to ask around - your friends, your neighbours, your relatives. If you don't get anything from them, you turn to the internet and type on the search box.

But regardless of what your friends, neighbours, or relatives may recommend or what the internet has to offer, how can you really make an educated decision when finding a conveyancing service? Here's a good checklist of what you should look for.

  • As much as possible, go with a property lawyer rather than just a conveyancer.
  • Find a property lawyer who has a fixed price for their professional fee.
  • Ask if all related costs are laid out in their quote.
  • Check for reviews and see if they are easy to reach or contact to get updates on your file.

And here are the reasons why I have stated all four points above.

Conveyancing is not always a simple process. Sometimes, it may involve disagreements between the buyer and the seller. When that happens, you don't want to be caught off-guard. Property lawyers will be able to protect you no matter how complicated the situation may turn out. Conveyancers can't and won't. They need not be expensive too which is why you have to look for one that has a fixed price. No matter how long the settlement may take, their professional fee stays the same. Costs should also be clearly laid out and explained in their quote. This is where you avoid hidden fees. And lastly, some firms do not maintain constant client communication so you have to check on that too.

Our Point Cook Conveyancing Services

At LEAD, we have dedicated ourselves to maintaining a certain quality in our team and how we run our firm.

Our head lawyers are the best in the business and have been top property solicitors from different companies. They have decided to form a team with each one of them heading a state where they have specialised their skills. It's a powerhouse cast! We hired property lawyers to focus only on conveyancing and have simplified our process by making use of today's technology.

Our business model is 100% online and virtual. Conveyancing is at your fingertips! This has made our operations much more efficient, productive, and affordable for our clients. Our professional fee is fixed which means you don't have to worry about how many times you have to speak to your lawyer. It won't cost any extra! We also declare all costs involved even to the last search document. We set our client's expectations and at the same time, we also state our expectations from them.

Most importantly, it is a must for us to make sure that healthy communication is maintained between our clients and our representatives may it be our salespeople, file owners, and/or property lawyers. Customer experience and satisfaction are one of our main concerns. We don't keep emails unanswered and calls unreturned.

That's our promise!

How we provide Cheap Conveyancing in Point Cook

How we provide one of the most affordable conveyancing services out there is definitely no secret!

Some people still look for local conveyancers (can be conveyancers or solicitors) that do face to face meetups or appointments. For one, those businesses are clearly missing out on a lot of resources that the technology of today has to offer. As a result, these firms have expensive rates. They may charge by the hour or by the call. I've seen one solicitor who rates at $450 an hour. Imagine how much money that’ll cost! If they happen to be not expensive and turn out to actually be cheaper than most quotes out there, then they're not lawyers. They're most likely conveyancers and oftentimes just a mom and pop business around the block.

Making use of 100% online and virtual operations have enabled us to get rid of unnecessary overhead expenses such as travel costs, wasted time on face to face appointments, paper documents, and other traditional operational expenses.

In return, our clients get to enjoy quality legal services at very reasonable prices!

Why do you need Conveyancing Solicitors in Point Cook?

Getting a solicitor rather than a conveyancer is just like you buying peace of mind.

Why? Imagine there are two teams who are going to battle each other in a gunfight and they get to choose their weapons and protection. They also have to spend on what they use. And of course, they have to come out of the battlefield alive!

Team A decided to go for something that does the job and is very easy on the budget so they armed themselves with 9mm Glock pistols. Team B, on the other hand, spent some extra just to get each of their members a fully-automatic short barrel rifle and bullet-proof vests. Now, who do you think played it smart?

It's the same as conveyancing. There are two opposing sides - the buyer and the vendor. Each one of them is required to choose someone to act on their behalf. They can decide to go for a conveyancer or a solicitor. They also have the freedom to shop around and do their own research. A solicitor will naturally cost more than a conveyancer which is why we always say you can't compare apples and apple pies. One will definitely cost extra but in exchange for more value. In this case, security and peace of mind!

About Point Cook City

Point Cook is a suburb of Melbourne in Victoria which is 22 kilometres from the Central Business District. In here, you will find the RAAF Base Point Cook. RAAF is short for Royal Australian Air Force which is a military base set across Point Cook and Laverton. RAAF Point Cook is the birthplace of the Royal Australian Air Force and is also the RAAF Museum's current home. There was a rapid increase in Point Cook's population. In 2001, the population was only 1,737. In 2016, it went up to 49,929 and has increased to 60,105 in 2018. Back in 1996, Point Cook was initially a rural community with the RAAF Base. Population then was estimated at 580, of whom 552 lived on the air base. Today, Point Cook is one of the major growth regions in the western suburbs of Melbourne.

It was found there were 13,593 families actually living in Point Cook having an average of 1.1 child per household. Only 48.4% of the people were Australian born and the rest would consist of Indians at 9.1 per cent, Chinese at 6.4 per cent, 4.0 per cent are from New Zealand, 3.2 per cent are from the United Kingdom, and 2.1 per cent are from the Philippines. Only 51.1% speak English at home. Point Cook's original spelling was Point Cooke and was named in 1836 after John M. Cooke.

Buying a Property in Point Cook

Although there are still areas without access to Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) Internet Services which most residents consider to be well below a developing suburb's expectations, up to 1,500 homes in Point Cook already have access to a download speed of up to 100 mbps through Telstra's FTTP broadband network. Education is also widely available in Point Cook with 9 colleges and 2 primary schools.

Shopping is not a problem with the suburb having the Point Cook Town Centre which is developed to have a main street retail and commercial town centre with up to 135 specialty shops and a food court which seats over 400 people. They also have a 4,000 square metre Woolworths shopping centre which is the only one in the area that has three supermarkets. Sanctuary Lakes Shopping Centre is also available which has been revamped and now has 32 retailers and four hundred new car parks and food courts. When it comes to food, there are over 50 restaurants and cafes in Point Cook offering a variety of options from Indian, Italian, Chinese, Malaysian, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, Pan Asian, Pakistani, American, Spanish, Pub Food, Mexican, Vegetarian, Buffet, Vegan and modern Australian. You can find all these in different locations all over the suburb mostly in FeatherBrook Shopping Centre, the Point Cook Town Centre, Sanctuary Lakes Shopping Centre, Soho Village, Point Cook Junction and just across the freeway from the railway station (Williams Landing).

If you want to get an investment property in Point Cook, you may want to consider houses as they rent out for 400 dollars per week with a yearly rental yield of 3.2 per cent. Units, on the other hand, rent out for 375 dollars per week with a rental yield of 4.1 per cent. Point Cook has also witnessed a compound growth rate of 5.2 per cent for units and 7.7 per cent for houses, based on five years of sales.

Property Selling in Point Cook

Compared to all of the suburbs in Melbourne's growth corridors, Point Cook landed on the number one spot for lot prices according to latest data releases. The median lot price in Point Cook is over 150,000 dollars more than the average median price of a Melbourne lot according to the annual State of the Land Study published by the Urban Development Institute of Australia. Point Cook's median lot price was at 461,000 dollars which is the highest recorded out of any growth area in Melbourne in the quarter of 2017. Also in 2017, Point Cook ranked number one for Melbourne house sale with 1,325 houses sold as reported by the Domain Group.

For tourism, Point Cook offers a list of nice places that can attract interested property buyers:

  • Point Cook Coastal Park - a park featuring abundant birdlife with historic blue plantation, and a sandy foreshore
  • RAAF Museum - houses an extensive collection of stories and memorabilia of military aviation expeditions of Australia
  • Bayview Park - a huge playground with a special slide which starts from a hill with a huge pirate ship
  • Crocodile Park - another playground which highlights an extensive water play area starting from a crocodile's mouth into a wading pool
  • Sanctuary Lakes Club - on Point Cook Road where golfers play at  the course
  • Lantern Ghost Tours - a scary and fun ghost tour attraction great for teams and group of friends
  • Point Hicks Marine National Park - is a protected marine national park off Point Hicks in the East Gippsland region of Victoria
Point Cook, VIC

About Point Cook, VIC

Point Cook is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 22 km south-west of the CBD. It is the home of RAAF Base Point Cook, the birthplace of the Royal Australian Air Force, and is the current home of the RAAF Museum. Point Cook is also home to many playgrounds and parks/public spaces. The wetlands of the Point Cook Coastal Park form part of the Cheetham and Altona Important Bird Area.The population of Point Cook has been growing rapidly since 2001 when the population was 1,737. As of the 2016 Census, Point Cook's population was 49,929, and has risen to 60,105 in 2018. == History == === Early settlers === Point Cook was originally spelled Point Cooke, and named in 1836. Almost all references dropped the "e"; however, in the early 2000s the point itself was officially renamed "Point Cooke". Point Cook was named after John M. Cooke, mate of His Majesty's vessel Rattlesnake. Commanded by Captain Hobson, the ship charted part of the Port Phillip bay in 1836. William Drayton Taylor leased the land around Point Cook promontory in 1849. The following year in 1850 Taylor transferred his licence to Alexander Irvine.

Point Cook, VIC

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Jade Pinto

Fantastic communication from start to finish. All done remotely with no issues. All of our queries and concerns were actioned in a timely manner and settlement occurred with no issues.

Peter Notenboom

Lead Conveyancing provided excellent service and expertise from start to finish, I will surely recommend them to all family & friends, 5 star rating is not high enough, they deserve nore stars. Our sincere gratitude to the whole team, their friendly, flexible, & professional approach is exactly what we needed. Outstanding !

Marian George

We recently purchased an apartment in inner city Melbourne, everyone we engaged with at LEAD conveyancing was terrific - responsive, kept us informed every step of the way and very friendly and professional.

Carolyn S

Great service, kept us up to date when needed and settlement went through without any issue.

Monica Podesta

Thank you for an excellent job Trinh (Legal Director) and Angel. I could not fault your firms integrity or professionalism. All my queries and questions were answered professionally and in a timely manner. The original quote was adhered to. I would not hesitate to recommend LEAD Conveyancing (Ipswich) based on my experience.