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Care from a Victorian Legal Services Board + Commissioner registered practice. You get a Lawyer from A to Z (Trinh Thai). Not a legal clerk.
Extra care & hand-holding for First Time Frankston Buyers and Sellers. Legal advice and support throughout the process. Not just paper pushing.
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Buying your existing or off-the-plan residential property

Including reviewing the Contract of your proposed purchase

Selling your existing residential property

Including drafting your Contract and Section 32 also known as a Vendor’s Statement

Property transfers between related parties

Contract Review


contract review

Contract Drafting


contract drafting

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    Why LEAD Conveyancing Ballarat?

    Finding the right conveyancing service can be a challenge. Moreso, landing on the wrong firm can be even more taxing.

    Your sources for recommendation are usually your friends or sometimes the real estate agent. The real estate agent’s recommendation, however, is usually motivated by commission so it’s better for you to look on your own. When doing research, people turn to the internet only to find a long list of options. But how do you really find the right firm? What is it that you should be looking for? Here is a checklist that may help you make that educated decision.

    • Find lawyers, not conveyancers – Lawyers offer more scope of work and legal protection. Not having one and getting caught in a complicated situation will cost you even more than what you should have in the first place.
    • Go for a fixed professional fee, not a fixed total price – There’s no such thing as a fixed total price. Searches are always estimates as they are outside costs.
    • A declared contract review fee is better than a free contract review – Because there’s no such thing as a property lawyer giving out free reviews. Unless, of course, they have a hidden way of getting it back from you.
    • Well-maintained communication is hard to maintain for some firms – Check for reviews. You don’t want to be kept in the dark not knowing what’s going on with your file. When you send an email, you want it to be answered. When you call, you want to have someone on the phone to discuss things with. Updates are what you want.

    Get ALL of that from LEAD!

    Our Ballarat Conveyancing Services

    LEAD was formed through the idea of a well-seasoned VIC head lawyer who has spent years in the conveyancing business. Our team has been moulded with the values and the vision of being able to provide the best customer experience and the most affordable quality service you can ever find.

    Seeing and listening to our former clients’ expectations and point of view, we were able to create a business model that provides an answer to what they need.

    • Quality and dependable service – Ask anyone out there. If a lawyer’s service will fit their budget, on a 10 out of 10, they will go with a lawyer rather than a conveyancer.
    • Affordability – The cost of getting quality lawyer service is now within the reach of almost every property buyer or seller.
    • Costs transparency – You’ll be made aware of all types of costs that are involved in the process and those that will show in your invoice.
    • Well-kept communication – No unanswered emails and unreturned calls.
    • Setting expectations – We discuss and set our client’s expectations as well as our expectations from them.

    With all of these in the list, we are able to deliver to our clients the service they want. New homeowners get the keys to their new property with a smile.

    It’s a hassle-free, smooth and easy conveyancing!

    How we provide Cheap Conveyancing in Ballarat

    If you want to provide the cheap conveyancing price to your clients without sacrificing the quality of service, what do you do?

    Answer – you identify and take out all unnecessary costs and find ways and strategies to reduce or operational expenses. In our case, we were able to cut costs through the following:

    • We saved money by getting rid of paper documents. It’s all purely electronic – scanned copies, signatures, etc.
    • We got rid of face to face appointments, therefore, saving lawyer’s time and increasing productivity.
    • We zoomed in on the talent we need by getting property lawyers focusing only on conveyancing.
    • We eliminated travel costs by providing service purely online.

    If you’ll notice, every point mentioned above has one thing in common. It’s taking advantage of today’s technology and the resources it can provide.

    Almost everyone nowadays is glued to their smartphone. In the same way, their smartphones can already perform almost everything. Scan documents, sign contracts with electronic signatures, send and receive emails…and oh, they can make phone calls too!

    Why do you need Conveyancing Solicitors in Ballarat?

    Others may say that getting a solicitor is spending more money unnecessarily. They may say, “A conveyancer can do the job for less.”

    While the last statement is actually true, there is more to it than meets the eye. First, you comparing a solicitor to a conveyancer is like comparing apples to oranges. Although they are designed to accomplish the same job, one offers a way better type of service than the other.

    Let’s say road-worthy rules are not taken into account, it is like deciding between the most economical and basic, “no passenger protection” car available versus one that’s a bit more expensive but has airbags and an alarm.

    Both cars can take you from point A to point B. However, you also don’t want to just get a “running condition” car for a very cheap price and then jeopardize your life in the process of getting to point B, right? And yes, there’s a bit of shelling out extra on the costs in getting the second car but it does not really mean you’re going for a luxury car, either. It’s that thin boundary that makes the second option a “smart decision”.

    About Ballarat City

    Ballarat is a city in the state of Victoria which is known for its culture, history, and its well-preserved colonial heritage. It is the commercial capital and the third-largest city in both Victoria and Inland Australia. Ballarat rests at the foothills of the Great Dividing Range and is also known as the Central Highlands. It had that name because of its high position and modest hills and terrain without any alpine mountains that are situated a few hundred kilometres northeast. The city lies within midland volcanic plains which stretch from Creswick up north, to Rokewood down south, and from Lal Lal in the south-east to “Pittong” of the west.

    The city is a land that is home to nationally important heritage structures. These include the following:

    • Ballarat Botanical Gardens which was established in the year 1857
    • Prime Ministers Avenue which is a collection of busts of the Prime Ministers of Australia
    • Her Majesty’s Theatre established in 1875 and is the longest-running lyric theatre building
    • The first municipal observatory was established in 1886
    • The Avenue of Honor established between 1917 & 1919 and is the oldest and longest war memorial avenue

    Ballarat is a predominantly low-rise city and defines two major activity centres in the urban area – the CBD or Central Business District and Wendouree with a high composition of business, retail and community function based on the Melbourne 2030 planning model. The Henry Bolte wing of the Ballarat Base Hospital is a seven-storey building and is the tallest building in urban Ballarat.

    The Central Business District (CBD) which is in Ballarat Central is a huge multi-purpose office and retail district taken to the north by railway lines, to the south to Grant Street, to the west by Drummond Street, and to the east by Princes Street. Lydiard, Armstrong, Sturt Streets, Doveton, Bridge Street (known as Bridge Mall), and Dana street along with Bakery Hill and Main Street have retained stands of civic and commercial buildings of state and national heritage significance. The inner established suburbs include Bakery Hill, Ballarat East, Soldiers Hill, Golden Point, Brown Hill, Black Hill, Canadian, Eureka, Redan, Mount Pleasant, Newington, and Sebastopol.

    Currently, Wendouree is the only major suburban activity centre with a huge indoor shopping mall and several surrounding retail parks, shopping centres, small suburban hubs with supermarkets, and small stretches of shopfronts. Ballarat does not have a defined boundary for urban growth, unlike Melbourne. This has urged the city council to approve development plans for subdivisions outside of the city perimeter.

    Buying a Property in Ballarat

    With four distinct seasons, Ballarat has a moderate marine climate. Its average temperature of about 3 to 5 degrees Celsius lower than those of Melbourne, especially in winter, is because of its elevation at about 400-630 meters above sea level. The hottest month of the year is January which has a mean daily maximum temperature of 25.1 degrees Celsius and a mean minimum of 10.9 degrees Celsius. The coldest month, on the other hand, is July having a mean maximum of 10.0 degrees Celsius and an average minimum of 3.2 degrees Celsius.

    The city has a reputation well-known for extreme and unpredictable weather, ranging from intense heat waves to freezing snowfall. The most notorious feature of Ballarat’s climate is perhaps the chilly winter, often highlighted by forceful winds. Widespread frosts and fog are a normal sight when a common “low” of zero to two degrees Celsius is experienced. Temperature can go below freezing point from May to September. In the urban area, snowfall only happens once or twice, mainly during heavy winters and have been known to fall heavily with several inches piling up even in the central business district.

    August is the wettest month having a mean annual rainfall of 75 mm and the city has an average of 198 days per year without rain. Ballarat is also known to be one of the windiest cities in Australia having mean daily winds of 470 km which is almost twice that of Melbourne. On the lighter side, this causes the city’s summers to be significantly cooler and almost freezing winter days to have a way below zero wind chill.

    During the 2009 southeastern Australia heat wave, Ballarat experienced its hottest recorded temperature at 44.1 degrees Celsius which happened in February of that year. The lowest ever recorded minimum temperature, on the other hand, was at sunrise of July the 19th in 2015 with a negative 6.3 degrees Celsius.

    Property Selling in Ballarat

    Being a semi-rural area, Ballarat City’s property market has smaller demand for units and a significant dominance of houses. The occupancy of houses is somewhat equally split between rentals and ownerships. Ballarat City together with its neighbouring LGAs or local government areas has more successful property markets than Melbourne’s urban area in terms of median price growth.

    While a number of suburban LGAs in Melbourne experienced dips in the price of more than 7 per cent in the last quarter, the median house price in Ballarat City increased by 5.49 per cent.

    • Hepburn Shire – prices rose by 5.86 per cent
    • Moorabool Shire – average house price rose by 5.6 per cent
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