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Conveyancing Caroline Springs

Need a conveyancing service done right the first time in Caroline Springs? Get a no hassle, on time settlement with your emails & calls promptly returned. LEAD Conveyancing is the only property law firm with a guaranteed fast response time.

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Communication & responses within 48 business hours, guaranteed*
or we’ll deduct $100 from your professional fee (no questions asked).
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Care from a Victorian Legal Services Board + Commissioner registered practice. You get a Lawyer from A to Z (Trinh Thai). Not a legal clerk.
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Extra care & hand-holding for First Time Caroline Springs Buyers and Sellers. Legal advice and support throughout the process. Not just paper pushing.
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Buying your existing
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Including reviewing the Contract of your proposed purchase
Selling your existing residential property
Including drafting your Contract and Section 32 also known as a Vendor’s Statement
Property transfers between related parties
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contract review
Contract Drafting
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    Why LEAD?

    Being able to find the right conveyancing firm can be challenging. Most people ask for 2 or 3 quotes from different conveyancers and just compare them. Most often than not, the deciding factor is the price. But how do you find the perfect solicitor if the price is not the most important factor for you?

    Here is a list of things you should look for in a conveyancing company. At the same time, you'll see what you should be aware of.

    • Fixed price - fixed price should mean fixed professional fee. Searches are always an estimated price. There is no fixed total price.
    • Transparent costs - costs should be laid out. Contract reviews are sometimes inclusive but it can be a separate cost for others. There's no such thing as “FREE” contract reviews.
    • Lawyers - choose a solicitor, not a conveyancer. Going for a conveyancer for a difference of a hundred bucks or so maybe regretful when problems come in.

    Our Services

    Selling Property Services

    After your offer becomes accepted and you receive a copy of the Contract and Section 32, what's next?

    You need those documents reviewed prior to signing. Section 32 is the vendor's declaration on the property while the contract stipulates agreements between you and the seller. You have to get a lawyer to go through every detail. It is his or her duty to check for risks potential risks for every condition stated. When the contract is signed by both parties, we order searches in order to do background checks on the property. This is one of the reasons why hiring a solicitor is the wisest decision you'll make when buying a property.

    How we provide Cheap Conveyancing

    Caroline Springs Conveyancing Services

    The service of a property lawyer nowadays is no longer expensive.

    At LEAD, we have found the answer to every conveyancing client's needs. We provide top-notch lawyering service at a very competitive price. How? Simplicity is the key.

    By making use of technology such as electronic documents and signatures, emails, smartphones, and messaging apps, we reduced approximately 50% on operational costs! Our process became more productive and efficient, hence, our quote is the cheapest you can find!

    Why do you need Solicitors?

    Buying Property Services

    You probably have planned to own or owned an Apple iPhone. Getting the latest model is definitely expensive. After buying one from your hard-earned money, what do you do next? Of course, you'll want to get a phone case that offers the best protection! Even if it is more expensive than ordinary smartphone cases out there, you understand the value it offers and what you get from it.

    It's the same as getting a solicitor. Imagine your latest iPhone is the house you're buying. You're going to put all of your hard-earned money into this. Will you go cheap on a conveyancing service when you clearly know the security a solicitor offers?

    About Caroline Springs

    Caroline Spring Conveyancing

    Caroline Springs is a suburb of the city of Melbourne, in the state of Victoria, 21 kilometres west of Melbourne's CBD, situated within the Melton City local government area. At the 2016 Census, Caroline Springs recorded a population of 24,205.

    Since 1999, Caroline Springs has been developed on greenfield land by Delfin, in partnership with the first landowners. Located centrally is CS Square, known as the town square and main shopping centre, and Lake Caroline, which is a man-made lake.


    It was one of Melbourne's fastest-growing suburbs, at the time of development, and by 2015, Delfin anticipated the population to be more than 25,000 people.

    In August 2009, a 40 million dollar five-star hotel opened which is owned by the Mercure Hotels group. A new entertainment complex and hotel on the edge of Lake Caroline named WestWaters is now open. A $45 million development of CS Square has also been approved by Melton City. The addition of a Woolworths supermarket, car wash, large-format discount store, and more than ten specialty stores will be seen in this proposed 6,500 sqm development.

    The car is the suburb's main form of transport and is a community largely dependent on cars. Caroline Springs railway station was among the new train stations proposed under the 2008 Victorian Transport Plan. It opened in January 2017.

    Caroline Springs Conveyancing Selling

    Kororoit Creek runs across the suburb's centre. The creek has been home to native animals for thousands of years, including the Eastern Blue-tongued Lizard, the Tiger snake, the Common snakeneck turtle, Kangaroos, and the Eastern brown snake. Unfortunately, these species are now rarely seen in the area due to development over the past 15 years.

    Due to the spread of wetlands and large lakes, species of frogs have retrieved the area. The Eastern Banjo Frog, the Common Eastern Froglet, and even the now endangered Growling Grass Frog have been heard and seen in the new wetlands, lakes, and Kororoit Creek. Many bird species are also returning to the lakes and creeks. There are also a few kangaroos located in the endangered grassland bordered by College Street and Holland Way. These can be seen usually from the steel boardwalk.

    It is anticipated that the Kororoit Creek Trail will be connected to Caroline Springs eventually, providing an off-road path to cyclists all the way to Sunshine and onto the central business district of Melbourne.

    Caroline Springs, VIC

    About Caroline Springs, VIC

    Caroline Springs is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 21 km west of Melbourne's Central Business District, located within the City of Melton local government area. Caroline Springs recorded a population of 24,205 at the 2016 Census. Caroline Springs has been developed on greenfield land since 1999 by Delfin, in partnership with the original landowners. Centrally located, just north of Kororoit Creek, is the town square and main shopping centre, known as CS Square, and a man-made lake known as Lake Caroline. At the time of development, it was one of Melbourne's fastest growing suburbs and Delfin anticipated the population to be in excess of 25,000 people by 2015.The Caroline Springs Post Office opened on 8 August 2005. == Developments == A$40 million five-star hotel owned by the Mercure Hotels group opened in August 2009. A new hotel & entertainment complex named WestWaters on the edge of Lake Caroline is now open. On the 4th of April, 2019, construction on the extension of CS Square was officially opened. The expansion made way for a new Woolworths Supermarket, multiple new retail stores and an expanded car park. == Flora and fauna == Kororoit Creek runs through the centre of the suburb.

    Caroline Springs, VIC

    Caroline Springs, VIC Driving Directions


    Jade Pinto

    Fantastic communication from start to finish. All done remotely with no issues. All of our queries and concerns were actioned in a timely manner and settlement occurred with no issues.

    Peter Notenboom

    Lead Conveyancing provided excellent service and expertise from start to finish, I will surely recommend them to all family & friends, 5 star rating is not high enough, they deserve nore stars. Our sincere gratitude to the whole team, their friendly, flexible, & professional approach is exactly what we needed. Outstanding !

    Marian George

    We recently purchased an apartment in inner city Melbourne, everyone we engaged with at LEAD conveyancing was terrific - responsive, kept us informed every step of the way and very friendly and professional.

    Carolyn S

    Great service, kept us up to date when needed and settlement went through without any issue.

    Monica Podesta

    Thank you for an excellent job Trinh (Legal Director) and Angel. I could not fault your firms integrity or professionalism. All my queries and questions were answered professionally and in a timely manner. The original quote was adhered to. I would not hesitate to recommend LEAD Conveyancing (Ipswich) based on my experience.