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A settlement statement is basically a statement that contains all the apportionment of outgoings and liabilities attached to the property and required by the contract to be adjusted. The items that are usually included in the settlement statement are mortgage discharge fees, rates, water charges, body corporate levies, rent, etc. The information that is needed to prepare a settlement statement is collected by your conveyancing lawyer from the contract, searches, other professionals that are related to the transaction, such as the property manager.

The settlement statement will tell the buyer how much they need to pay the seller at settlement, which would then help the buyer determine how much they will need to prepare in their short fall account. The settlement statement is generally available to the parties to review about 5 days before settlement.

It is important to understand though that the settlement statement is subject to change prior to settlement and is only a draft until settlement date. Hence, it is always important to make an allowance for this when you are preparing funds for settlement. It is always good to overestimate than to underestimate the funds needed for settlement.

We are happy to inform you that we have moved our Brisbane office to a great new location! LEAD Conveyancing Brisbane is now located at Suite 5, Level 18, 324 Queen Street, Brisbane QLD 4000, just down the road from Post Office Square and in the same building as ANZ on Creek and Queen Street.

Moving from Level 54/111 Eagle St, Brisbane City QLD 4000 to Suite 5, Level 18, 324 Queen Street, Brisbane QLD 4000, you'll find that our new office is a block away from our old headquarters. We have done that so it is easy for previous and current clients to find our new office location. You can easily see the building where we operate while driving down Queen Street.

Our new office is spacious and has better ventilation, making your stay cosy. We also have a conference room where you can discuss your matters with us privately. You can freely express all your thoughts and opinions without having to worry about someone else unnecessarily hearing what you have to say.

There is paid parking just across the road from our new office location at Wilson’s Parking on Eagle Street which can be accessed easily from Creek or Eagle Street. If you prefer taking the train or bus, our office is just a couple of blocks from Central Station and is easily accessible by most city bus routes.

For readers that do not know us yet, we are a conveyancing firm that offers all types of conveyancing services you can think of: buyers conveyancing, sellers conveyancing, and transfer conveyancing, with the addition of contract drafting and contract review.

We take pride in always doing the right thing, so you can guarantee that we will protect you throughout the transaction. Our services have a fixed fee price unless the transaction is a non-standard transaction. You can use our free conveyancing fee calculator on our official website to determine the costs of our legal services.