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Need a contract drafted Normally an agent does this but WHY you might consider having a Conveyancing

Do you need a contract drafted? Normally the real estate agent will do this for you. But there are some reasons that you may want to consider getting your conveyancing solicitor to do it for you instead. What you might not realise is that while Queensland is a "buyer-beware" state, there are certain disclosures that a seller will need to make to a buyer before they sign the contract. The reason this is important is if you fail to make those disclosures to the buyer before you sign, you may find the buyer having rights to terminate the contract or even climb compensation from you after settlement and these rights can continue all the way up until settlement, or even in some cases, even after settlement, if you are not careful.

It is important to consider all the things that you will need to disclose on your contract before you sign, and you're conveyancing solicitor can help you with that. You should also be aware that there will be special conditions that the buyer may want in the contract, and these will generally be in the favor of the buyer as well.

So you should make sure that before you sign, you understand what you are signing, and maybe even get your conveyancing solicitor to help you with the negotiations of the contract, to make sure that your contract is the best suited for you through the course of the conveyance. If you want more information on our contract drafting service, or what other benefits that you can get from getting a solicitor to draft your contract, please reach out to our friendly team.
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Judith Williams Avatar
Judith Williams
23 Nov 2023
Great company to deal with during my purchase, Erica Gruen (who was my paralegal) especially. Erica made the process easy to understand and answered all my questions (of which, there were many!).
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Fate Avatar
15 Nov 2023
Happy with the service, although it wasn't always straight forward. Everything ok in the end - and that's what's important.
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Chiran Attanayaka Avatar
Chiran Attanayaka
15 Nov 2023
Very professional service, every time my solicitor went on leave the other one emailed me and took over the file, kept sending important reminders, continuously followed up with the sellers solicitor, bank etc. Great friendly service.
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